Having completed one weeks hair and makeup training with Joggy, i have the vital skills and confidence to develop my hobby into a potential business.

I started the course initially to break away from my day job to enable me to express my creative skills which I hoped to use on my sisters and extended family, Joggy empowered me to look beyond and market to a wider audience.

Whilst researching for potential courses the key thing for me was to have personalised one to one training that focused on my strengths/weaknesses and areas of development, this course most definitely was tailored so the focus was on my learning.

Joggy provides a on going aftercare service which gives me great comfort knowing I can continually enhance my skills.

There were no shortcuts, everything was taught from start to finish. I was given homework everyday which enabled me to strengthen my learning each day.

In total I created 4 different looks and further practiced more.

The whole experience has been amazing, I am extremely excited about demonstrating my creative learning in practice.

Thank you Joggy for offering me such as great service.