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Terms & Conditions


• Payment in full must be made at time of booking.

• Discount is on selected packages only. Saving stated refers to the saving made against the full, standard individual course fees for the courses included within that package or the usual course package price itself.

• Courses must be attended by the same person

• Courses cannot be changed or substituted with any other courses, only the specified courses will be provided.

• Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

• We reserve the right to amend course prices or run promotions at any time, without prior notice.

• All courses booked are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. Any reschedules of dates will be at the discretion of j. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) and subject to the rescheduling fee of £50 per training date, where deemed possible.

• Dates must be selected at time of booking. Training dates are subject to availability. All training booked as part of a package must be taken within 6 months of date of booking the package.

• Please note we reserve the right to amend course prices or run promotions at any time, without prior notice. Once a booking is made, the price paid is final and no price difference can be refunded in the event of a later course price reduction.

Training Contract Agreement

To confirm a place on any training courses offered at the J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) you are required to read and understand the terms and conditions below:

• All fees paid are non-refundable.

• All fees include VAT unless otherwise shown.

• Fees fall due on the 1st day of each month.

• One full calendar month’s written notice to terminate this contract must be given to J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) before the start of the calendar month in which such notice is to take effect. If notice is served during any calendar month, that notice will be deemed to expire at the end of the next full calendar month.

• Information entered on your enrolment form needs to be true and accurate: You must print your name exactly as you wish it to appear on your certificate. Mistakes cannot be rectified without applying for a new certificate at the fee as published by the Awarding Organisation.

• You must notify us of any change of address or any other personal information.

• Skin tests are required 24-48 hours before any colour treatment can take place.

• All relevant personal medical information must be disclosed to J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) prior to commencing the course particularly if you are using electronic equipment or intend to act as a model for another student who intends to use electronic equipment as part of their learning programme. Failure to do so will mean that you are not covered by our insurance policy for safe working practices and you may be liable for any and all associated costs as a result of an injury to yourself or others or damage to the equipment.

• All learners must be prepared to act as a model for other learners to practice treatments on whilst studying.

• It is the responsibility of the learner to arrange your own models for any practical assessments during your programme.

• Models will be required to pay a small contribution towards treatments for the facilities and products used. Please see your course tutor for the scale of fees.

• To complete the course, you must attend all lessons and failure to do so will mean that you will fail the course.

• If you miss a module you must notify your tutor and agree a date to attend on another day and time. J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) cannot guarantee that this will be offered on your agreed dates and times of learning. You must make yourself available at alternative times to complete the module; this is essential to gain your qualification.

• You must be punctual and attend at or before the start times published for your course.

• You must present yourself professionally at all times and you must adhere to the academy rules and guidelines for dress, personal appearance and behaviour. J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) operates a zero tolerance in respect of rules governing this requirement.

• The maximum duration of the programme is shown in your learning offer letter. The J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) takes no responsibility to re-train the learner or provide refunds if the course hasn’t been completed within this period.

• Any additional support or training requested will result in additional fees being payable. This will be charged at £100.00 per training day. You will be notified in writing should you require additional training.

• Deadlines must be met for all case studies and assignments/tasks unless an extension has been agreed with your tutor.

• All students at the J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) agree to follow all academy procedures as published or advised in your student handbook.

• Assessment days, practical or theoretical must be attended unless notified in writing and agreed by your course tutor. Failure to do so will require additional tuition and this will be charged as shown above at the rate of £100.00 per training day.

• It is essential that a portfolio of evidence is kept up to date throughout the course and is ready to submit at the end of the course. You are required to take responsibility for maintaining your portfolio.

General Conditions

• All courses are subject to change of dates without prior notice. Once a deposit has been paid or payment plan agreed then course fees would be honoured although we reserve the right to change the date of the course. Should this occur then we would give you 10 days’ notice.

• We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your own equipment or personal belongings should you choose to use them or bring them in the J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang).

• We reserve the right to dismiss a candidate without refund if the student contravenes the academy rules of conduct.

• The Academy will be closed on all Public Holidays.

• You must follow the academy dress code and you must wear the academy uniform whilst in the academy. You will however be required to dress appropriately for services on models at all times. No jeans or trainers will be permitted. All learners must wear closed shoes; no flip-flops or sandals will be permitted.

• These conditions are the basis of contract between the J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) and the learner. Only the Managing

All practical training must be completed within 6 months of booking your course, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking. Should you fail to attend your original training dates for any reason and the course later be retired or amended in content, no refund or difference in courses fees will be offered. You may however, look to use the course fees on file as a credit towards payment for an alternative course of your choice within 6 months of the original date of booking. Students who fail to book, attend or reschedule training within 6 months of enrolling upon their course (taken from date of making first payment) will forfeit any course fees paid. We cannot offer any refunds, credits or substitute training in such circumstances.

The J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) aims to be an inclusive organisation where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where there are equal opportunities for all. J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) respects and values the diversity of its staff and users.

Valuing diversity means that we all have complex identities made up of many strands. These can include, but are not limited to age, disability, race, nationality, socio-economic status, religion and beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnerships, pregnancy and maternity. This means we embrace and celebrate our differences in a positive environment, and are committed to engage with the needs of our diverse staff and users to enable us, both individually and corporately to engage with the needs of our diverse staff and users to enable us, both individually and corporately, to achieve our aims.

Director is entitled to waive these conditions of contract.

• In the event of the student failing to attend the course or complete for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be offered nor does the student have an entitlement to refund.

• Where the student cannot complete the course for grounds agreed with the Managing Director [for medical or agreed personal circumstances] then an alternative date will be agreed with the student.

• The J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) reserves the right to alternate the course between its academies. Where a change of venue is required then we will endeavour to notify the student 10 days in advance. 

J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) commits to learners to:

• Follow the standards set by the awarding body.

• Assess fairly and provide feedback to each learner.

• Arrive punctual for lessons and end each lesson on time within reason.

• Not to change or cancel a lesson unless notified to you 7 days in advance save for unexpected occurrences such as sudden staff illness or delay as a result of any circumstance beyond the control of J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang).

• All students will be provided with full payment details and will understand the exact costs before enrolling onto the course 

• The training centre will have sufficient equipment/products and provide a safe working environment for learners to study.

• Provide a complaints and appeal procedure.

• Provide at least two learner survey questionnaires for throughout the course for anonymous feedback.

• Appropriate and sufficient contact time with the tutor will be available to the student whilst working towards their qualification.

• The J. Kang Beauty Academy (Joggy Kang) will apply for learner certification as soon as all work/assessments/written papers have been passed and internally verified – this will then be mailed by Recorded Delivery to the learners address directly.

• Confidentiality and data protection policies and procedures will be observed at all times.

Minimum Student Age

We accept all students aged 16 years or over for our face to face training courses. With regret due to insurance reasons, we are unable to accept students aged less than 16 years of age on the day of training for face-to-face courses.

Special Training Needs / Requirements

It is very important you make us aware of any special needs you may have in order to make your practical training or assessment days run smoothly. Where possible we seek to include students with special requirements within our main course delivery. However for some students this may not be possible. Many students with special training needs prefer and gain the most benefit from tailored training on a one to one basis. Feasibility depends upon the course you are wishing to study; however where possible adjustments or special arrangements will be considered. Please note an additional cost will apply for training on a one to one basis.

During Your Training

During your training you will be required to give and receive treatments.

Bridal Hair Courses you will be working on a Mannequin Head.

Please note courses may be mixed sex groups. Male students are required to provide a female model for waxing courses. If you have personal or religious reasons where you require training in a same sex environment only, please discuss this with our Course Advisors before booking.

Photography / recording of training (both audio or video) is strictly prohibited while in attendance of the training centre. Comprehensive training notes are provided at the time of booking and our Support team are available to assist with any queries after training, therefore this should not be required. This is to protect the privacy of other students, meet Data Protection requirements and avoid disruption to training. Tutors may occasionally take photos of student work during training with express permission, for marketing/promotional purposes.

All courses are taught only in English. All students are therefore required to have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken. 

It is important to discuss this prior to booking if you feel this may be an issue affecting your learning and course participation.


We are keen to ensure all students gain the most from their training experience. In the first instance, please raise any difficulties or concerns with the tutor on the training day(s) as most issues can quickly be rectified at the time. However, in the unlikely event your training course with us does not meet your expectations and you feel unable to raise this with the tutor on the training day.

Code of Conduct:

To ensure all learners are given the best opportunity to learn, we would ask the following code of conduct is adhered to at all times.

• Punctuality is essential with all learners to arrive for 9.45am for a 10.00am start and training to finish at approximately 4.00pm. Allow adequate time to travel to the training centre. Lateness is very disruptive for other students and could mean you miss fundamental aspects of the training. You will be refused entry if you arrive late for training. There is a transfer fee of £50 per training date to reschedule your training if you arrive late. Please do not break from the training unless instructed to do so by the tutor. A lunch break is provided along with short refreshment breaks throughout the day, timed as is appropriate for the course. Taking excessive or unauthorised breaks may mean you miss vital training that impedes your success on the course.

Students are advised to remain in the centre during agreed breaks (please bring cold food). Should you leave the centre and return late from break(s), you may be refused entry and be unable to complete your course.

• Attendance of training days is compulsory. Failure to attend scheduled training can result in removal from your programme. Genuine reasons will be subject to the discretion of The Beauty Academy and handled under our above policy on rescheduling of training. This may be subject to rescheduling fees.

• Learners are required to purchase at their cost & wear a suitable beauty uniform (tunic) to training / assessment dates. Nails should be short, hair tied back. Eyelash and Nail extensions should be removed (where appropriate to the training course being attended). For health and safety, all jewellery should be removed except a plain wedding band and small stud earrings. 

• All learners are expected to fully participate including giving and receiving treatments. Any exceptions (e.g. medical reasons) to this must be agreed at the time of booking and a suitable female model may be required to be provided by the student in order to participate.

• Please ensure an enrolment form is handed to the tutor. Please make the tutor aware of any medical conditions or learning difficulties that may impact your learning (these should previously have been discussed at the time of booking to ensure suitability for the training). This can be discussed with the tutor upon arrival at the centre, in confidence. This will allow the tutor to best support you throughout the training day and make any adjustments possible to assist you to gain the most from your training.

• We can accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of personal property; however rare. Therefore we encourage students to leave all unnecessary valuables at home, remain vigilant to their belongings during training and take all property with them when leaving the centre. Any property left behind will be held for 7 days, following which it will be disposed as appropriate. Students are responsible for collection of lost items from site, by appointment. We cannot post or deliver any lost property. 

• Products / tools provided at the training centre remain the property of The Beauty Academy and should not be taken from the training centre at any time. Such will be treated as theft and reported to the authorities. Please work with the tools / products and within the facilities provided taking care to avoid causing deliberate damage or loss. Students may be held responsible for the cost of such loss / damage. Please wait until items are provided to you and no time should students access any staff only store cupboards or storage areas without express permission of the tutor and/or without supervision. For reasons of health, safety and hygiene; please use products / tools / equipment only as directed and when prompted by the tutor. If asked to ‘down tools’, please ensure you comply with any instruction by ceasing immediately.

• Use of mobile phones is prohibited during training and should be turned off outside of agreed breaks.

• No smoking, use of e-cigarettes/vaporisers or chewing of gum within the training centre.

• Students must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time during attendance of the training or assessment day(s). You may be asked to leave the centre where we have reason to suspect such influence, and the police may be contacted if appropriate.

• The training centres operate a mixed sex basis for training days and you must be prepared to give and receive treatments from students of the opposite sex. If there are any reasons of belief, faith or religion that prohibit this, please advise before booking. Male students will be required to provide a female model for the waxing courses and assessment days.

• Be courteous and respectful to tutors and other learners. No use of foul language. Abuse of any kind including racism will not be tolerated. Please avoid discussion of any sensitive or unrelated topics during the training, which may distract other students, or at any time, which may cause offence to others. While we operate a welcoming, friendly atmosphere on training days, student conduct should reflect that which would be expected by a beauty professional working within a salon environment since you are undertaking a professional skills course. Please ensure you work cooperatively and respectfully with all and take feedback / guidance seriously to allow you to acquire and demonstrate the required level of competence upon the training course(s). We appreciate learning new skills can sometimes be challenging but outbursts or disruptive behaviour (which may affect other students) will not be tolerated. Tutors will support you as best possible so please work with our staff to assist you, trusting in their professional knowledge and experience.

• Verbal, physical or written abuse will not be tolerated at any time and will result an immediate verbal warning from the tutor. Should the conduct continue, you will be asked to leave the training immediately. You will not receive your diploma and will forfeit all course fees paid.

• Should an issue arise on your training day in relating to other learners on the course or if you are experiencing difficulties with the course, please immediately notify your tutor so action can be taken or advice given to support you as required as it is sometimes difficult to rectify issues later and this will allow you to gain the most from your training day experience. Any issues will be handled in the strictest confidence but will not be permitted as grounds for any refund of course fees or for additional training, where this is not raised on the training day to enable remedy.

• Learner feedback forms are to be completed at every training session and are compulsory where requested.

• Students must not take any photographs or make any recordings (audio or video) of any kind while in attendance of training and/or when within the training centre premises. This is to meet Data Protection legislation, to protect the privacy of our students and avoid disruption to training. Tutors with the express permission of students may occasionally take photos, for the purposes of marketing/promotion.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how J. Kang Beauty Academy uses and protects any information that you give J. Kang Beauty Academy when you use this website.

J. Kang Beauty Academy is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

J. Kang Beauty Academy may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from {todays_date}.

What we collect

We may collect the following information:

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What we do with the information we gather

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  • Internal record keeping.
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We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

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Controlling your personal information

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