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Category: Hair & Makeup

How to Give Your Lashes a Fuller Look

My eyelashes are really bitty and I can’t get them to look well proportioned and thick. What options do I have to create the perfect look? Joggy says: False lashes give dramatic fullness and length to a soft, feminine and super-glam finish. There are different types and choosing the right ones for you greatly depends on your eye shape and the look you’re trying to create. Discuss this with your make-up artist and they’ll be...

How to Look After Your Skin on The Lead Up to Your Big Day

When I’m stressed it shows in my face and I get dry, blotchy patches on my cheeks. Can you give me some tips for looking after my skin in the run up to the big day? Joggy Says Weddings are a stressful yet exciting times. Your skin needs to look radiant for your special day, It is recommended that you start a good routine about 3 months prior to the big day.  Go for regular facials, your therapist will recommend a...

Radiating Skin

Radiating skin - Flawless complexion Your Face can be very sensitive to winter weather, Heating and Pollution. It will be more prone to dry patches. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which removes moisture away from the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated through winter months is essential to maintain healthy glowing complexion. Remove make-up as soon as possible. At the end of the day, when you come home, make sure...

Olive Skin Tones

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. Olive skin tone pairs perfectly with just about any shade going. Whatever colour theme you have chosen could define your final shade. Everything from shimmery bronzes, pale gold, deep greens, blues, plum around your eyes will really make your eye stand out complimenting your amazing skin colour. To add depth to your colour you could use pigments. You could also add glitter pigment to...

How to Prevent Dry Skin Caused by Cold Air

My skin’s currently really dry from the cold air. How can I add moisture and cover up to give me a flawless complexion? Joggy says: Keeping hydrated through the winter months is essential to maintain a healthy glowing complexion. Here are my top tips for radiant skin: Remove make-up as soon as possible – Cleanse, tone and moisturise to open up your pores so that skin can breathe. Add moisture – Use lukewarm water...

Hair Countdown to Wedding

Define your Hair Type. There are a lot of factors when considering your hair type. These are the three basic types We are going to use the ponytail test. Take a regular sized elastic band and sweep your hair up into a ponytail. Now count the number of times the band wraps around the hair. · 3+ times - fine hair · 2-3 times - medium hair · 1 time - thick hair Fine Hair Fine hair is actually really great for updo’s. The lightness of...